This bibliography was created by Scott Prouty, 2016 Berea College Sound Archives Fellow. It includes listings of books, articles, commercial recordings, and online resources that reference performers and performances collected in Kentucky by John and Alan Lomax between 1933 and 1942 for the Archive of Folk Song at the Library of Congress. Where available, citations include links to the recordings as they appear on The Lomax Kentucky Recordings website.

Since the 1940s when some sound recordings were originally published, there has been wealth of publishing activity in relation to this collection of sound recordings. This interactive bibliography has been created to help visitors navigate the information found in various formats including books, articles, archival collections, and websites. 

Citations refer to the collectors, to specific performers and performances, and to noteworthy songs or tunes. In most cases, there is content specific to the collecting activity in Kentucky, but some broader context has been included as well, where available. Some citations include annotations that point to relevant parts of a work or otherwise explain why the work was included. Substantial reviews of books and recordings are also included. 

When a given work refers specifically to a performance, users will find a link to the catalog record of the performance, including an audio stream of the recording. In addition, each catalog record includes a reference back to the works in which it is cited.

For further reading on John and Alan Lomax's published work, including their work in Kentucky, please consult the American Folklife Center's bibliography, “Published Materials from the Lomax Collections:”

The Association for Cultural Equity has also compiled a bibliography of articles published by Alan Lomax, which is available here: