Morgan County

West Liberty, the seat of Morgan County, was the site of a talent show—the details of which are still unclear—where the Lomaxes recorded the young Lewis sisters and their friends performing play-party songs and dance tunes alongside contemporary country compositions by the likes of Kentuckians Emry Arthur and Asa Martin. It was apparently at this event where they met the 76-year-old banjo player and singer Jeems Mullins, whom they then recorded playing his idiosyncratic tunes and lyrics at his home at nearby Floress on Lacy Creek (they would make more recordings of him at Salyersville in Magoffin Co. . The Lomaxes also visited the home of Monroe Gevedon on Grassy Creek, taking down from him and his family ballads performed both a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment, as well as some of the only old-time string-band (guitar-fiddle-banjo) music they found on their entire 1937 trip.