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Item Madam, I Have A Very Fine Farm
Item I'm Going Down the River, Georgia Line
Item Ellen Smith
Item Hook and Line
Item Ida Red
Item Cripple Creek
Item Lulu Wall
Item It's Nobody's Business If I Do
Item Wild and Reckless Hobo
Item Free A Little Bird
Item Casey Jones
Item The Hog-Eyed Man
Item Sam Bass
Item John Hardy
Item Groundhog
Item Cumberland Gap
Item Charming Betsy
Item Old Bell Ewe and Little Speckled Wether
Item Cumberland Gap / Buck Creek Girls
Item Arkansas Traveler (Part 1)
Item Arkansas Traveler (Part 2)
Item Glory In the Meeting House
Item Sourwood Mountain
Item Sourwood Mountain
Item Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Girl
Item Wagoner (#1)
Item Wagoner (#2)
Item Uncle Hardy Lige Morgan's Hog Song
Item Spruce Pine hog song (#1)
Item Spruce Pine hog song (#2)
Item Times Is Getting Hard
Item The State of Arkansas (part 1)
Item The State of Arkansas (part 2)
Item Lost Girl
Item Nigger Inch Along
Item Pretty Polly
Item John Henry
Item Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
Item Unidentified fiddle tune
Item Dinah
Item Natchez Under the Hill