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Item The Cuckoo
Item Courting Is A Pleasure
Item The Drunkard's Dream (part 1)
Item The Drunkard's Dream (part 2)
Item The Mermaid
Item Tom Boleyn
Item Joe Bowers
Item The Hanging of Ed Helkins
Item Lord Bateman
Item The Lily of the West
Item My Dearest Dear
Item Erin's Green Shore
Item The Girl I Left Behind
Item My Friends Have Been the Cause of A Great Separation
Item Seven Long Years
Item I Am A Wild and Wicked Youth
Item Most Fair Beauty Bright (fragment)
Item Once I Courted A Fair Beauty Bright
Item Locks and Bolts (part 1)
Item I Am A Man of Pleasure
Item I Am A Poor Stranger
Item The Driver Boy
Item The False True Love
Item Glory, Glory, Glory
Item Locks and Bolts (part 2)
Item Pretty Polly
Item John Reilly
Item Old Rosin the Beau
Item The Cruel Brothers
Item The Clear Waters
Item Loving Nancy (part 1)
Item Loving Nancy (part 2)
Item Green Grows the Laurel
Item Only Flirting
Item Lady Margaret and Sweet William
Item I Loved You In the Days of Joy (false start)
Item I Loved You In the Days of Joy
Item Sweet Island's Hill (part 1)
Item Sweet Island's Hill (part 2)
Item Johnny's on the Sea (part 1) (#1)
Item Johnny's on the Sea (part 1) (#2)
Item Johnny's on the Sea (part 2)
Item The Brown Girl
Item Get Out of the Way, You Whiskey Seller
Item I've Rambled This Country Both Early and Late
Item The Wife Wrapt In Wether's Skin
Item I Wonder Where My True Love Is
Item Garfield Is Not A Dandy Man
Item The Bailey of Hazeltown's Daughter