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Item You've Got to Walk that Lonesome Valley
Item I Cannot Tell How Much I Owe
Item I Truly Understand That You Love Another Man
Item Old Joe Clark
Item Liza Up the 'Simmon Tree
Item Sourwood Mountain
Item Lynchburg Town
Item Groundhog
Item Cripple Creek
Item John Henry
Item Reuben
Item Black-Eyed Susie
Item Hook and Line (#1)
Item Ida Red (#1)
Item Hook and Line (#2)
Item Ida Red (#2)
Item Old Coon Dog
Item I Love Somebody
Item Rabbits In the Lowlands
Item I Love Somebody (fragment)
Item The Girl I Left Behind Me
Item Make A Change In Business All Around
Item True Blue Bill
Item Little Brown Jug
Item The Ship That Never Returned
Item I Wish I Was A Mole In the Ground
Item I Ain't A Bit Drunk
Item Broken-Hearted
Item Set calling (part 1)
Item Set calling (part 2)
Item Dream of the Miner's Child
Item The Little Mohee
Item Devilish Mary
Item Hand Me Down My Walking Cane