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Item Sally Goodin
Item Old Joe Clark
Item Nig Inch Along
Item Adeline
Item Slidin' Jenny
Item Arkansas Traveler
Item Roll On, Buddy
Item Hickory Jack
Item Give the Fiddler A Dram
Item Black-Eyed Susie
Item The Hog-Eyed Man
Item The Hog Went Through the Fence, Yoke and All
Item The Old Hen Cackled
Item Soldier's Joy
Item Cacklin' Hen
Item The Ways of the World
Item Glory In the Meeting House
Item Billy In the Lowground
Item Leather Breeches
Item Rickett's Hornpipe
Item The Last of Callahan
Item The Last of Sizemore
Item Sourwood Mountain
Item Pretty Polly
Item Bonaparte's Retreat
Item The Lost Girl
Item Cumberland Gap
Item Liza Jane
Item Cripple Creek