Sound Recordings

A Treasury of Library of Congress Field Recordings. Edited by Stephen Wade. Rounder Records, CD 1500, 1997.                                                                    
American Fiddle Tunes. by Alan Jabbour. L62, 1972. LP.
American Fiddle Tunes
. Edited by Alan Jabbour. Rounder CD 18964-1518-2, 2000. CD.                                                                                                                     
Anglo-American Ballads.  Edited by Alan Lomax.AFS L1, 1942. Reissued 1956, 1978. LP.
Anglo-American Ballads, Volume 1. Rounder CD 1511, 1999. CD.

Review: Rhodes, Willard.
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Anglo-American Ballads. Edited by Benjamin A. Botkin. AFS L7, 1943. LP.
Anglo-American Ballads
, Volume Two. Rounder CD 1516. 1999. CD.                          
Anglo-American Shanties, Lyric Songs, Dance Tunes and Spirituals. Edited by Alan Lomax. AFS L2, 1942. LP.                                                                                    
Anglo-American Songs and Ballads. Edited by Duncan Emrich. AFS L21, 1959. LP. 
Aunt Molly Jackson - The Library of Congress Recordings. Rounder 1002, 1972.
Child Ballads Traditional in the United States (Volume 1). Edited by Bertrand H. Bronson. AFS L57, 1960. LP.                                                                            
Child Ballads Traditional in the United States (Volume 2). Edited by Bertrand H. Bronson. AFS L58, 1960. LP.                                                                             
It's just the same today: The Barnicle-Cadle Field Recordings from Eastern Tennessee and Kentucky, 1938-1949. Edited by Mary Elizabeth Barnicle and Tillman Cadle. Tennessee Folklore Society, 1986. LP.  (Includes recordings from the collection.)


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Kentucky Mountain Music: Classic Recordings of the 1920s and 1930s. Edited by Richard Nevins and Charles Wolfe. [S.1.]: Yazoo, 2200, 2003. Set of 7 CD's.  (Includes recordings from the collection.)

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Library of Congress Banjo Collection. Edited by Bob Carlin and Alan Jabbour. Rounder 0237, 1988. LP.

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Lost Train Blues: John & Alan Lomax and the Early Folk Music Collections at the Library of Congress. Jalopy Records, 2016. LP.                                                
Music of Kentucky: Early American Rural Classics 1927-37. Edited by Guthrie Meade and Richard Nevins. Yazoo 2013 and 2014, 1995. Set of 2 CD's.         
Play and Dance Songs and Tunes. Edited by Benjamin A. Botkin. AFS L9, 1943. LP. 
Railroad Songs and Ballads. Edited by Archie Green. AFS L61, 1968. LP.
Railroad Songs and Ballads
. Edited by Archie Green. CD 1508. CD.             
Root Hog Or Die: 100 Years, 100 Songs - An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute. Mississippi Records, MRP-060, 2016. 6 LP set.                                            
The Bristol Sessions 1927-1928 (The Big Bang of Counry Music). Edited by Ted Olson and Tony Russell. Bear Family Records, BCD 16094 EK. 2011. 5 CDs and book. (Includes discussion of a 78 rpm record for Victor by “Howard and Peak, The Blind Musicians,” one of whom might be James (Blind Jim) Howard. Recorded at Bristol, Tennessee, October 30, 1928.)
Versions and Variants of the Tunes of Barbara Allen. Edited by Charles Seeger. AFS L54, 1966.